No time!? No Gym!? No equipment!? No PROBLEM! No excuses!!! 

4 short interval wworkouts you can do in the gym or at home in as little as 12 minutes. 

Circuit #1

  1. 6 Push ups/6 Mountain Climbers/ 6 Plank Jacks
  2. Jab, cross, lead hook. Option: hand weights/dbells
  3. Sumo Squats Option: kettlebell/Db/med ball
  4. Jab, cross, lead hook, rear uppercut.


  1. Jump Split Lunges Option: kettlebell/medball
  2. Cross. Lead hook. Cross. Jab. Cross
  3. 10 In and Outs 10 Shuffle steps
  4. Double Jab, cross, jab, cross, lead hook.

Circuit #3

  1. Strict Push Ups
  2. ab, cross, jab, rear uppercut
  3. MED Ball Crunch MAX
  4. Jab, cross, jab, rear uppercut, lead hook.

Circuit #4

  1. Squat Jumps
  2. Cross, lead uppercut, cross, lead hook.
  3. Jump rope Option: Double unders/Imaginary Rope
  4. Jab, cross shuffle step jab, cross with Dumbells