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America's Next Great Trainer Platform

Contact me to learn more about Personal and/or Group Training at one of my locations, at your home, gym, health club or other available facility. After School programs are available.

I can help you achieve your Strength and Conditioning goals. Speed, Balance and Agility. Weight ‘FAT” Loss. Self Defense. sdi7 HIIT. Self Defense Workout for Women. Kickboxing. Boxing. MMA Workouts.

My programs are designed to help adults, teens and kids, based on the individual needs and goals of the client. Every training program takes into account present health, fitness level and lifestyle; day to day activities. How many days per week, 30 and 60 minute sessions are dependent on time availability, goals, needs and objectives.

Every seminar should offer Motivation, Leadership, & Teamwork. As an expert seminar host and guest speaker I can bring my knowledge in front of your audience.

Seminars are designed specific to the needs of the venue. Dependent on the topic, active workshop or workout, or speaking only.

PowerPoint presentations are available. We have access to projector and large screen.

Seminars are offered to schools, sports teams, businesses, special events (trade shows and conferences), health clubs, gyms, and other. Generally 60 minutes. Customized to time availability with longer time options offered.

Seminar Options:
Active Workouts: sdi7 HIIT, Self Defense Workout for Women, Boxing, Kickboxing, Street Kombat, MMA Workouts.

Set yourself Up for Success.

Rob was radio host for 6 years at 93.5FM NY. Providing advice, tips, and information in regard to health, fitness, anti-aging, medicine, wellness, sports performance, diet and nutrition, motivation, empowering stories of transformation, healthy cooking and meal planning. Also; youth fitness, empowerment, and nutrition. Addressing obesity and bullying. Featured Guests are the leaders and experts: trainers, coaches, instructors, business people and entrepreneurs, teachers, physicians, inspirational and motivational leaders, professional athletes, celebrities, lifestyle coaches, beauty and skincare specialists and more. Email Rob for Radio Host considerations. Rob Fletcher

Contact Us

How can we help? Please be specific when contacting us so we can best serve your needs.

Do you have training goals you need motivation, inspiration, and
recommendations for?

Do you need an awesome, personable speaker for your next event?

Do you need a cool place to list your trainer profile?

Do you want to host a sdi7 HIIT seminar or workshop near you?

Please drop us a line and let us know how we can help you.


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