Rob Fletcher is a speaker, author and instructor. Founder of the sdi7 Safety and Self Defense Program, and sdi7 HIIT Workouts (Self Defense in 7 Minutes High Intensity Interval Training. Author of America's Next Great Trainer Transform Your Life. He is a Black Belt, Self Defense and Combative Tactics Expert, Civilian Response to Actives Shooter Events Instructor. Listed in the Who's of Martial Arts. Inducted into the Masters Black Belt Hall of Fame and Recipient of the Joe Lewis PKA (Professional Kickboxing Association) Eternal Warrior Award. His lifelong passion, teaching and empowering others to live "positive, healthy, fit, confident, strong and safe".

Dr. Robert M. Goldman

Dr. Goldman is a 6th degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate and 7th Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, Chinese weapons expert, and world champion athlete with over 20 world strength records and has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Some of his past performance records include 13,500 consecutive straight leg situps and 321 consecutive handstand pushups. Dr. Goldman was an All-College athlete in four sports, a three-time winner of the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Physical Fitness Award, was voted Athlete of the Year, was the recipient of the Champions Award and was inducted into the World Hall of Fame of Physical Fitness, as well as induction into numerous Martial Arts Hall of Fames in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia. He founded the International Sports Hall of Fame, recognizing the world’s greatest sports legends, with ceremonies held annually at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival-the largest sports festival in the world, with over 200,000 participants, 70+ sports represented and over 20,000 competing athletes, making it double the size of the Olympic Games. Dr. Goldman was the 2018 recipient of the 'Lifetime Achievement Award' presented by Gov Schwarzenegger.
Dr. Goldman holds two Physician & Surgeon Medical Degrees and two Medical Doctorates and has served as a Senior Fellow at the Lincoln Filene Center, Tufts University and as an Affiliate at the Philosophy of Education Research Center, Graduate School of Education, Harvard University. He also holds Visiting Professorship at numerous medical universities around the world. He co-founded and served as Chairman of the Board of Life Science Holdings and Organ Inc, biomedical research & development companies which had over 150 medical patents under development in the areas of brain resuscitation, trauma and emergency medicine, organ transplant and blood preservation technologies. These led to the formation of Organ Recovery Systems Inc. and then LifeLine Scientific Inc, a Public Company, which became a world leader in organ preservation and transport. He has overseen cooperative research agreement development programs in conjunction with the American National Red Cross, NASA, the Department of Defense, and the FDA's Center for Devices & Radiological Health.


Harry Mok began his entrepreneurial career in the entertainment industry early on due to his well-known expertise in the martial arts field. He has been inducted into 16 Black Belt and World Masters Halls of Fame, has received the “Presidential Gold Champion Award,” and the “Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award.” Harry began his early training at the age of 8, performing Lion Dancing (Martin Jue) and studying Shotokan (Norman Fong), Choy Lay Fut (Doc Fai Wong), Sil Lum (Wing Lam), Kajukenbo/Jukendo (Earl Boles Sr.) and holds the rank of 9th degree in the Kajukenbo Gaylord Method under SGM Pete Morales. ompelled to express his martial arts talents and bring martial arts awareness to the screen, Harry began working as an actor/stuntman, performing and/or starring in such films as Rambo II, Uncommon Valor, TC 2000, Talons of the Eagle, Femme Fontaine, For Life or Death, College Kickboxers, The Vineyard, Tiger Claws II, Ninja Busters, Forbidden Power, and others. In 1987, Harry created and produced his first full length feature film, The Vineyard, starring and directed by veteran actor James Hong and released by New World Pictures. Thereafter, Harry was subsequently requested to utilize his considerable talents by producing for Atari Games/Time Warner Interactive, creating action fighting games.
Harry Mok would go on to direct music videos and commercials for the burgeoning music industry, producing, directing, and writing the majority of his work, acquiring an unparalleled reputation for his creativity and technical experience. In 1998, Harry received directing/producing awards for the first ever Jimi Hendrix music video for Universal MCA Records and Experience Hendrix. Recently, Harry completed an animated series and comic book novel for Lions Gate Entertainment starring Shaquille O’Neal, based from his creative concept entitled, Hoopfighter, where he successfully integrated full contact martial arts with basketball. Today, Harry is on the producing team of Blue Dream Studios animated feature film entitled, Animal Crackers, starring John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Sir Ian Mckellen, Sylvester Stallone, Danny Devito, Gilbert Gottfried, Patrick Warburton, Harvey Fierstein, Raven Symone, Wallace Shawn, Tara Strong, and more. Harry’s latest adventure with Blue Dream Studio’s is Pet Robots, currently in Pre-production. Harry recently completed development of a feature film that he has written and will be produced and directed by Harry, entitled, Lion Dance. Harry calls it, the Kung Fu version of the Karate Kid. At the age of 60, Harry has not showed any signs of slowing down and continues to train 5-6 days a week and gives seminars when his busy schedule allows.


President Canadian Physique Alliance
Promoter Toronto Pro SuperShow
Ifbb Pro League Judge
I have been involved in every aspect there is regarding our sport of Bodybuilding and fitness. It all started when I joined Vic Tanny’s in 1971 were I began training to compete for my first bodybuilding competition. A year later I became a trainer for Vic Tanny’s and competed in my first Show. I competed in bodybuilding from 1972 to 1980 where I won the Sudbury Championships and the Northern Ontario Championships, and did well in many local events, I soon realize my strength was in training, officiating and promoting the sport I loved. I became a firefighter in 1977 my appetite for competition had me competing in the firefighter challenge called the toughest two minutes in sport, I won the Canadian Championships at the age of 40 I felt was one of my greatest accomplishments. I purchased my own fitness center in 1990 called the Gym Fitness Centre which successfully continues today and is considered the go to place for members looking to get fit helped by trainers and of course for athletes training to compete at the Canadian Physique Alliance and the IFBB Pro League competitions. I began my judging career in 1974 and rose to the ranks to IFBB professional Judge. I became the head judge for my provincial Association in 1983 Became a National judge in 1984 Judged the North Americans in 1993 in Mexico And became an IFBB pro judge 1995 Judging the IFBB Jan tana, Atlantic city pro, Minnesota pro show, Tampa pro, New York pro and many other professional events, I was able to adapt to the changes in the sport and the new directions as more and more categories were being added. Began judging the Arnold Classic pro show 1999 Judging the Olympia every year since 2003 when it was held at the Mandala Bay hotel Las Vegas.
I now Head judge Vancouver IFBB Pro League Championships With A total of 40 years of judging experience, I feel confident and comfortable when ask to judge any of the events required by the IFBB Pro league president Mr Jim Manion. All the while judging I felt a great passion to giving back to the sport and began promoting local events in my community. My first event only had about 25 men bodybuilding competitors. Quite a difference from the provincial championships held in 2017 at the Toronto Pro SuperShow with Over 450 competitors and 50 different classes and 8 categories. Nine years ago, in 2010 I promoted the first Toronto Pro SuperShow competition with the IFBB Pro league. It has been quite the ride but the success of this SuperShow has evolved to be the largest extreme sport and fitness expo in Canada. The IBB Pro League competition has every category allowed by the IFBB pro league, the only one of its kind in North America. On our tenth anniversary we will be hosting our third IFBB Pro Qualifier open to NPC members in the USA and competitors from around the world battling it out for that elusive IFBB Pro card. We will also be launching greatest trainer award information booth were trainers can register to battle it out in Canada to win the greatest trainer award with the finals at the 2020 Toronto Pro SuperShow.. We have come a long way in Canada, we have 62 contests in our Country with many more planned for 2020, As president of the Canadian Physique alliance I can say with confidence the future looks bright in the fitness industry and the sport that keeps us hungry to train and stay fit.

Sharon Bruneau

Sharon Leigh Bruneau was born in Timmins, Ontario, Canada, raised in the metropolis of Toronto and later relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia. Bruneau's interest in dance, confidence and poise throughout her teens landed her the drive to eventually landed her numerous Television appearances in Canada. Her slender physique and striking ethnic look brought Sharon success as a fashion model in Canada including opportunities to begin Hosting various Television and Video specials throughout the years. Sharon was always involved in track and athletics so was no surprise when a friend introduced her to a cover of the Iconic first Ms. Olympia (Rachel McLish) on the cover of FLEX Magazine that she fell in love with the sport of bodybuilding and wanted to emulate her Idol and pursue such a career herself. She began weight training early '80's and a few years later won her Pro debut at the 1991 North American Championships which was held in California that year. Sharon caught the eye of Bodybuilding Mogul, Joe Weider and he immediately signed her under contract. Sharon was one of the first women to be awarded a contract with Weider Health & Fitness/Weider Publications from 1991 - 1998 which included exclusive work for print ads, covers and layouts for Joe Weider's FLEX and Muscle & Fitness and was called "Bodybuilding's No. 1 pin-up" by FLEX magazine in 1992 through 1997.
Sharon also was one of Weider Athletes to travel globally representing the Weider Brand by performing and conducting Seminars and Fitness Workshops as well perform appearances and host various Fitness Productions. In an age of specialization, Sharon Bruneau is far more than the spectacularly honed body that has appeared on magazine covers internationally and hosted fitness shows, events and network specials over a decade. Though long since retired from bodybuilding/fitness competitions (1997), Sharon still loves to work out but no longer as a bodybuilder as she decided to trim her physique down in order to work as a Stunt Actor and Fitness Model. Sharon's athletic passion once again doubled up with Pilate's, dance, resistance training and Wushu and is still an Advocate on the benefits of health and wellness and continues as a CPT as her passion is to make a healthy difference in lives. Whether Sharon is modeling, acting, Producing or hosting a motivational fitness event, she has made an incredible, positive impact to thousands of people either through her many images or to those who have had the chance to come in direct contact with her amazing energy. "Joe Weider asked me at one point, what kind of Legacy do you hope to leave? I replied "To continue the Weider Legacy and to motivate many thru health and wellness so to instill confidence and longevity"

Obi Obadike

Obi Obadike is a Telly award winning TV host who has authored more than 100 articles for fitness magazines and fitness sites. He is a best-selling author of the diet and exercise book TheCut in which he co-authored with Hollywood Actor Morris Chestnut that came out April of 2017. He has been a guest as an author and expert on national daytime talk shows such as Wendy Williams, Steve Harvey, Dr Oz, Rachael Ray, Access Hollywood, Home & Family, The Today Show, Roland Martin’s NewsOne Show, etc. And many national syndicated radio shows. He was a featured fitness contributor on a summer-weight loss series in 2017 on NBC’s The Today show for 2 months. And he worked with their resident nutritionist Joy Bauer on that show. Since August of 2017 he has been a health and wellness contributor on Steve Harvey’s national syndicated morning radio show. His show has a reach of 9 million listeners per week. Obi has graced the cover of over 50 domestic and international fitness magazines and has been featured more than 100 times in these magazines making him one of the most published fitness experts over the last ten years.
Obadike was the co-host and co-judge (with Jillian Michaels (formerly of Biggest Loser) and Randy Hetrick, (founder and CEO of TRX) on a fitness reality competition show called Sweat Inc. that premiered on Spike TV in fall of 2015. He has trained and dieted some of the most influential celebrities and public figures in the world as well as many average regular people. And he is known for his before and after transformations. Some of the notable celebrities he has trained is Steve Harvey, Morris Chestnut, ESPN Analyst Stephen A Smith He has been the current co-host since 2014 for the last 3 years of an award winning nationally syndicated Health TV show called Lifestyle Magazine, which airs every week nationally on DirecTV and Dishnet and on some of the following national networks such as the Hope Channel, NRB, Sky Angel network and other nationally and local syndicated networks.


Warren Honeycutt is a passionate evangelist for optimum health through fitness and nutrition. He has been featured nationally (20 times) by Fox News, New York, Daybreak USA and Stay Young, as well as national publications such as Life Extension, Investor Business Daily and National Examiner among many others. At 66 years young Warren enjoys perfect health without any prescription medications. A disciple of the late great Jack Lalanne his motto is, “Nutrition is king, fitness is queen, when you bring them together you have a great kingdom called life!’
Warren is the author of, “How the Health are You?” and sits on the board of Nutrihand, Inc. a wellness provider for many Fortune 500 corporations such as John & Johnson, Lean Cuisine, Stouffer’s and Splenda. He holds a Black Belt from Bill “Superfoot” Wallace and trained with Bill as his sparring partner for 3 years in the 70’s. Warren is a nationally recognized bodybuilder having won Mr. Tennessee twice and 6 Time Mr. America Finalist.