Trainers are Life Transformers, Game Changers, Transformation Specialists.


America’s Next Great Trainer Reality TV Show is based not only on weight loss, clients come with their own life changing goal.


Great trainers have that dynamic ability to make a complete life transformation. Whether the goal is to lose 10, 20, 50 or more pounds, become a stand out athlete, a professional sports star, overcoming a paralyzing injury, rehabilitating back to health, or have the dream of winning and Olympic Gold Medal.


Inspiring stories:

  • An obese woman losing 140 pounds.
  • A senior suffering from neglect, not having the strength to walk, reenergizes finding a new life and walking again.
  • An addict transformed given a second chance. Living the lifestyle of health and fitness.
  • A child with a dream to play ball and finally making the team.
  • A physically, mentally and emotionally abused on the verge of suicide transforms her life.
  • A teenager overcoming obesity and bullying, suffering severe depression becomes a superstar high school athlete.
  • A high school athlete increasing strength, size, speed and power to achieve his dream of a full athletic college scholarship.


ANGT, America’s Next Great Trainer Reality TV show is designed to take participants, and viewers on an inspirational and emotional journey. Following select trainers – passionate, driven and dynamic sharing a common goal – to bring out the absolute very best in their clients, and make their IT happen… whatever that IT may be!!!

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