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Submissions can be done online or try out at live events. Select trainers go through a series of skills, drills, group instruction, one-on-one training, a short interview (intro) and a closing statement. Trainers will be evaluated and assessed by the ANGT panel of judges. Judged on appearance, professionalism, personality, uniqueness, charisma, knowledge, skills, leadership, passion, background academic and work history, motivation and inspirational ability. Overview of ANGT Challenge Judged by experts, and leaders in: health, fitness, nutrition, sports performance, motivation. Including representatives from leading worldwide organizations such as ACE, NASM, NSCA, ACSM, ITPA, ISSN, ISSA, IHP, iFPA, NCCPT, NFPT, AFAA.


Benefits of Registration:
ANGT is a marketing and promotional platform for trainers. When you register, whether online or try our at a live event, you receive:


  • trainer profile (a short bio) which may include a pic on our website. Listing for one year.
  • trainer contact information. Including website, and social media links if provided.
  • opportunity to launch your own ANGT TV Channel.
  • opportunity to appear on our one weekly radio show on 93.5FM NY to talk about 3-5 topics of your choice relating to:heath, fitness, motivation, nutrition, sports performance, empowering story. Also, prompting your company, product or service. We do a pre – during and post promotion of your through through our websites, social media and affiliated networks. You are provided a copy of the show to use as your own promotional tool.
  • opportunity to have a dedicated blog on our website.
  • opportunity to be a presenter at of our ANGT Conference and Continued Education Series
  • a greatly reduced rate on 10 professionally produced and edited video segments to launch your ANGT TV Channel and use as your own promotional and marketing tool



Usually held in connection with our ANGT Challenge, however they also stand on their own. Certifications, seminars, workshops, workouts, continued education, presentations offered by experts and leaders in the field of: health, fitness, motivation, nutrition, sports performance, strength and conditioning, youth fitness among other related topics.


About ANGT America’s Next Great Trainer:


An acronym for America’s Next Great Trainer. ANGT. A platform featuring leaders and experts in the world of health, fitness, nutrition, sports performance, wellness and motivation. Promote and market their skills, talent and knowledge. Providing advice, tips and information to the consumer, impacting lives across America. Great trainers are defined by their sincere passion to motivate, empower and educate others. Having a positive impact in the lives of their clients, contributions to their communities and schools, and “making a difference.”

America’s Next Great Trainer Challenge Overview with ANGT Director Jeff Billingsley

Interview with NSCA Nick Clayton What defines a Great Trainer

Interview with 2015 America’s Next Great Trainer Challenge Champion Darin Steen


Interview with ACE Representative Jacque Crockford (Americans Council on Exercise)

America’s Next Great TrainerChallenge at The Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio

ANGT Founder Rob Fletcher speech at the VIP luncheon with Arnold