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Welcome to ANGT

America’s Next Great Trainer (ANGT) is a platform featuring leaders and experts in the world of health,
fitness, nutrition, sports performance, wellness and motivation.
This is where they can promote and market their skills, talent and knowledge.
Providing advice, tips and information that impact and transform lives across America.


Great trainers are defined by their sincere passion to motivate, empower and educate others.
They are devoted to help others reach health and fitness goals, create
positive transformations in the lives of their clients,
communities and schools.
“Trainers are making a difference.”


These are America’s Next Great Trainers!

Darin Steen

1st Place winner of America's Next Great Trainer Challenge

Anthony Magnelli

2nd Place winner of America's Next Great Trainer

Dakari Williams

3rd Place winner of America's Next Great Trainer

Doug Hall

4th Place winner of America's Next Great Trainer

When was ANGT America's Next Great Trainer Founded?

ANGT America’s Next Great Trainer was founded in 2009 by Rob Fletcher.

What is the ANGT Challenge

Trainers, coaches and instructors compete via online contest/challenges and/or at live events. Selection of finalist are done through online video submissions.

Trainers will be evaluated, assessed by the ANGT panel of judges. Judged on appearance, professionalism, personality, uniqueness, charisma, knowledge, skills, leadership, passion, background and history, motivation and inspirational ability.

How are trainers selected?

Through an audition process online or at live events.

Online Submissions: Trainers submit a short video explain why they feel should be selected for America’s Next Great Trainer.

  • Open stating name, certification(s), and degrees.
  • State why you feel you should be selected for America’s Next Great Trainer.
  • Suggestions Include: Short description of your favorite exercise/interval/skill/drill. How to do it. Technique and Mechanics The purpose and benefits. Suggested sets and reps. mention a favorite mantra or affirmation. Most empowering, inspiring story of a client.
  • Closing
Who Is It For?

Certified Trainers, Coaches and Instructor’s.


ANGT is dedicated to showcasing and featuring trainers.
Those who motivate, inspire, energize, educate and empower others to live a positive,
healthy, fit, confident and strong lifestyle. Utilizing a variety of marketing, and promotional platforms.
Including radio, television and special events.


TRAINER Profiles

Promote your passion, talent, knowledge, company, message, advice and information for seminars,
special events, workshops, and boot camps, speaking engagements, radio and TV interviews,
magazine articles, presentations — to generate an additional stream of revenue for YOU!
A dedicated video channel on ANGT TV online.
Frequent radio interviews of topics of your choice on ANGT Radio 93.5FM NY.
A profile page including your company information, bio/resume, contact information.

Please email Rob Fletcher: robfletcher@angt.tv

Linda M. Stephens

Linda Stephens is an IFBB Figure Pro, a competition prep coach, personal trainer and holds a masters degree in nutrition.

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Sammy is a Mixed Martial Artist who has a fighting record of 3-2 (two first round TKOs).

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Mike Masini

Mike Masini is a strength and conditioning coach as well as a Metabolic Analytics Practitioner under Charles POLIQUIN.

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Doug Hall

Doug has been in the fitness industry for 20 years, working throughout the country with many athletes, celebrities, and Tier 1 assets...

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``Transform your life`` 2018

This book shares my story, workouts, advice, tips, and empowering stories of transformation from some of the most respected names in health, fitness, medicine, sports performance, nutrition, and motivation.

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Real Life Transformations

Mission: “Transformation America”
Thank you all for your continued support. This is one element of ANGT that has now come to fruition. We are very excited moving forward with all that is happening.


He took me from a fat and unhealthy 335 lbs to 194 lbs of shredded muscle to compete as a natural bodybuilder and fulfill a dream that by myself I would of never fulfilled!<br /> According to my doctors chart, I was morbidly obese. I had fatty liver, sleep apnea, chronic sinus issues, acid re-flux, and anxiety. All of this is now gone thanks to a much healthier body, a BROSER BUILT body! Working with Eric has been one of the best decisions and the best investment I have ever made!<br /> I’ll never be able to thank him enough for what he’s done. Not only have I gotten my health back, but my transformation had landed me in one magazine already, with plans for a full feature in IRONMAN coming soon. I’ve been used in a bodybuilding.com banner with Flex Wheeler for All American EFX as well and am very proud to working with such a great company. Eric and I are currently working towards my natural pro card! It’s been an incredible journey and I couldn’t have done it without Eric Broser and his physique changing genius!! Start living! Get after your goals! Invest in yourself! GET BROSER BUILT! – Brad Mullen


Our ANGT Transformation CHALLENGE SPOTLIGHT shines on Kristin Griffen. Her words of inspiration: “IT’S POSSIBLE! As they say, “Even the word IMPOSSIBLE says, I’M POSSIBLE!!!” “I continue on my journey and hope I inspire just one more person along the way. My motto, ‘She Believed, She Could, So She Did!'”


Before I started Body By Vi, I was very lethargic, I had triglycerides that were at the dangerous levels. I was borderline diabetic. It was hard to hear those words come out of the doctor’s mouth. It was a reality check! Like Many people in their forties, I’d just got busy with life, leaving my personal health as a non-priority. Well, it was time to do something about it, with my doctor’s words ringing in my ears.<br /> I found the solution through a dear friend of mine, Lena Johannesen. Visalus or Body By Vi. I went from 289 lbs., to a much harder and fit 245 lbs., in just 90 days. All my levels were back into the normal range after just two weeks. I have an abundance of energy and just the physical transformation was outstanding! All my friends and family noticed and said I was looking great and I was feeling great! This product is the real deal! I feel like I’m 24 again and in the prime of life!

Designed to take participants, and viewers on an inspirational and emotional journey. Following select trainers – passionate, driven and dynamic sharing a common goal – to bring out the absolute very best in their clients, and make their IT happen… whatever that IT may be!!!

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