ANGT TV Is a network of various channels that will provide a variety topics, subjects, special events and promotional campaigns. Providing advice, tips and information from health and fitness experts, trainers, doctors, athletes, inspirational and motivational leaders, teachers, coaches, instructors, professional athletes, celebrities, lifestyle coaches, beauty and skincare specialists.


We know the problems, lets focus on solutions: Knowledge. Education. Accountability. Repetition and Reinforcement. America needs healing and trainers may just be the remedy we all are looking for. Whether your goal is to lose 10 or 20lbs, obtain that college athletic scholarship, become a world class athlete or Olympian, trainers "make the difference".


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President/CEO Founder of ANGT
Executive Advisor - Founder and international President Emeritis of NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine. Chairman A4M American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
Advisor - Chief Medical Officer for ACE - American Council on Exercise
Advisor - Founder IFPA International Fitness Professionals Association
Advisor - Nutrition Founder Nutrition Conditioning, Inc.
Adviser ACE - American Council on Exercise
Advisor - Co Founder Stay Fit Seniors, Inc.
Advisor - President ISSA International Sports Sciences Association
ANGT Youth Fitness, Empowerment & Nutrition. Nationally recognized speaker, writer, author.
Advisor - Founder IHP Institute of Human Peformance
Advisor. Author ICED: An illusionary Treatment Option.
ACE Exercise Physiologist & Education Specialist
Advisor/Panel Member Founder of The Fitness Factory
Celebrity Trainer Founder Super Body, Super Brain.
Adviser NSCA National Strength & Conditioning Association
Advisor - Professor ISSA International Sports and Sciences Association. Founder Winning Factor Systems
Trainer.Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Kickboxer Instructor. Voted UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championships MMA Coach of the Year. Founder BANG Muay Thai Kickboxing.
Gary Hellman
Trainer Master Instructor TSMMA Tiger Schulmann's Mixed Martial Arts
Jeff Billingsley
Trainer. Panel Member. Writer.
Advisor/Panel Member. Writer. Founder Broser Built.
Roger Lockridge
Writer - Voted Writer of the Year by
susan Korwin
Life Coach. Writer. Author of “Simple Strides Toward Positive Change: Lessons from Life Coaching”
Levi James
Trainer. "Mister ABS" Founder L&R Fitness
Trainer. Strength and Conditioning. Founder Helix Elite Performance
ANGT Youth Fitness, Empowerment & Nutrition. Teacher. Founder Fit and Fun Forever. Masters degree Early childhood development.
Celebrity Fitness Expert. Founder JK Zen Fitness.
Donovan Green
Trainer. Martial Arts Instructor. Self Defense Expert. Kickboxer.
Celebrity Fitness Expert
Marc Wilkes
ANGT Youth Fitness, Empowerment & Nutrition. Founder Omega Man Schools
ANGT Youth Fitness, Empowerment & Nutrition. Founder My Life, My Power.
ANGT Youth Fitness, Empowerment & Nutrition. Guidance Counselor. Speaker/Writer "Bullying Prevention"
Actor, Producer, Director
Graphic Designer
Writer. Accomplished writer, educator, award-winning screenwriter and playwright.
Entertainment Attorney



America’s Next Great Trainer. Rob is continuing his journey to impact people’s lives and inspiring others by promoting a positive, healthy, confident, and fit lifestyle. He is seeking to reach a larger audience through a variety of programs and platforms which will fall under ANGT: radio, television, ANGT TV, ANGT Youth Fitness & Empowerment Program, ANGT Ultimate Superstar Challenge (USC), ANGT Transformational Challenge, and ANGT Health, Fitness & Wellness EXPO.

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