ANGT TV Is a network of various channels that will provide a variety topics, subjects, special events and promotional campaigns. Providing advice, tips and information from health and fitness experts, trainers, doctors, athletes, inspirational and motivational leaders, teachers, coaches, instructors, professional athletes, celebrities, lifestyle coaches, beauty and skincare specialists.


We know the problems, lets focus on solutions: Knowledge. Education. Accountability. Repetition and Reinforcement. America needs healing and trainers may just be the remedy we all are looking for. Whether your goal is to lose 10 or 20lbs, obtain that college athletic scholarship, become a world class athlete or Olympian, trainers "make the difference".

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For marketing, advertising, and promotional opportunities in regard to ANGT TV, ANGT Radio or to be a select featured guest or trainer.

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America’s Next Great Trainer. Rob is continuing his journey to impact people’s lives and inspiring others by promoting a positive, healthy, confident, and fit lifestyle. He is seeking to reach a larger audience through a variety of programs and platforms which will fall under ANGT: radio, television, ANGT TV, ANGT Youth Fitness & Empowerment Program, ANGT Ultimate Superstar Challenge (USC), ANGT Transformational Challenge, and ANGT Health, Fitness & Wellness EXPO.

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